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Work's New Age:  The End of Full Employment and What It Means to You

This prophetic but well-documented 2012 IPPY-award winning book will show you what is happening with American employment. Whether you are retired, "between jobs," or have a secure career, this book will alert you to changes that will affect you in the years and decades to come.



The American Job Shortage Number (AJSN)

The key economic indicator showing latent demand for jobs in the United States - now 17.3 million



Choosing a Lasting Career:  The Job-by-Job Outlook for Work's New Age

The 2013 book revealing a detailed, multiple-perspective look at the jobs and careers most worthwhile for the next 20 years, filling the gap between personality career assessment and the tactics of job-seeking. 



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Work's New Age, Choosing a Lasting Career, and the AJSN in the Sullivan County Democrat!  Published August 2, 2013:



Work's New Age in the New York Times...  TWICE!   "Invitation to a Dialogue" on Wednesday, May 15th, and "Sunday Dialogue" on Sunday, May 19th!  The website is www.nytimes.com, and the two pieces appeared on the op-ed pages in the hard-copy paper as well. See the complete Sunday package online, at http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/19/opinion/sunday/sunday-dialogue-an-economy-in-transition.html? .