James B. Huntington, Ph.D.
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Table of Contents


Table of Figures                                                                                                                    



Introduction: Which Careers Will Last?                                                                                                                                                    

Part I: Our Situation

Chapter 1: Work’s New Age                                                                                                 

Chapter 2: What’s Ahead for Workers and the Rest of Us                                               

Chapter 3: What All This Means for Our Career Choices                                          


Part II: Careers and Jobs That Will and Won’t Last

Chapter 4: The Careers: How They Compare                                                                                  

Chapter 5: The Best Jobs, in Different Ways and in General                                                           

Chapter 6: Self-Employment: What’s the Real Story?                                                        

Chapter 7: The Outlook, Job by Job                                                                                     


Part III: Careers in the Longer Term

Chapter 8: Preparing for 2033 and Beyond                                                                         


Appendix: Detailed Meanings of Job Field Items                                                               




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