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For most of their lives, Americans have thought all good people could find work and support themselves.  That is gone forever, and no economic recovery will bring it back.  The recession is officially long over, yet over 11 million people remain unemployed, and over 20 million would take jobs if they thought they could get them.  Yet negotiations in Washington to solve or even improve the jobs crisis, when they have happened at all, have stalled. 

Neither political side is getting anywhere.  Conservatives are wrong:  cutting corporate taxes is not the answer.  Liberals are wrong:  blaming businesses, increasing the minimum wage, or encouraging unionization won’t help either.  Meanwhile, all signs point to even fewer jobs.  Today’s innovations, such as eBay, Facebook, and Twitter, provide employment not for millions but only thousands or hundreds.  Almost a quarter of 20 to 24-year-olds never work each year, along with ¾ of those 16 and 17.  At the same time, many careers end around 50, leaving those that age with no clear course of action.  Employment and workplace productivity have parted statistical company.  These facts have huge implications for everyone, working or not. 

A 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award winner, giving a fresh view on what is happening with American jobs, is now available.  Work’s New Age:  The End of Full Employment and What It Means to You is a resource for all of us.  It explains what we are experiencing in terms of numbers, trends, and social patterns, and what we can – and cannot – do about it.  Work’s New Age is the first full-length book in years to address this massive national concern.  It shows why the gap between workers and jobs will get ever larger, and which possible solutions will only harm.  It is well documented and thoughtful but easy to understand.  The book even provides hope, by demonstrating how we have the potential to transform this crisis into a new American golden age. 

James B. Huntington has been a business professor, teacher, and professional speaker.  His 2007 doctoral dissertation is the only book written on career jobs for post-65 baby boomers.  He has also written on leadership, organizational change, and human development, and, most recently, Choosing a Lasting Career:  The Job-by-Job Outlook for Work’s New Age.  He is also creator and keeper of the AJSN (American Job Shortage Number), the key economic indicator showing latent demand for American jobs.  He has an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University.  His description of the thesis of Work’s New Age was the subject of the New York Times’s Sunday Dialogue on May 19, 2013.  He has spoken on the same subject on over 100 American radio stations coast to coast, and has conducted related presentations. 

Work’s New Age is available at www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, at bookstores (on the shelves or special-ordered through Ingram Book Company), and directly from the publisher at www.royalflushpress.com or 845-456-0115.  Kindle and Nook electronic versions are also on the market.


Work’s New Age:  The End of Full Employment and What It Means to You by James B. Huntington.  Original edition.  5½ x 8½, 224 pages, 27 figures.  ISBN 978-0-9835006-3-6.  $17.95.  See pressroom for a 300 dpi JPEG of the cover.

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