James B. Huntington, Ph.D.
WNA Reviews & Testimonials


The Book:

"A decidedly timely but frightening treatise, especially for anyone currently in the job market" - Mensa Bulletin

"An excellent and very much recommended read" - Midwest Book Review

"Dr. Huntington's research is a milestone in understanding how and why the changes have occurred in the past four decades.  This information provides a path to the beginning of solutions for our workforces. His reflections on volunteering and its direct and indirect rewards returns us to the very roots America was built on."  - Timothy Michael Ricke, Entrepreneur of the Year and FloridaBusiness Person of the Year


The Speaking and Signings:

"A highly organized, well-researched speaker on a topic of high relevance to us all. His discussion of employment ties into countless topics of importance in the arena of public discourse today. Mr. Huntington's approach to social research is unbiased and thorough and I would recommend his talk on Work's New Age to any library or organization. Anticipate lively discussion on topics critical to how we will live our lives in the coming years" - Peggy Johansen, Director, Livingston Manor Free Library, Livingston Manor, New York


The Radio Appearances:

"A very informative and entertaining guest" - Brandon Heer, The Morning Show, WSNJ 1240 AM, Bridgeton, New Jersey

"A great guest to the program and he brought an amazing amount of knowledge and insight to our listeners!  Any show would benefit from his appearance"  - Pastor Brad Brandon, Word of Truth Radio, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"A very good conversationalist and show passion with your thoughts on the economy" - Bob Penrod, Bob Penrod Show, WWJB 1450 AM, Brooksville, Florida

"What a great thing it was to have you on the show.  I throughly enjoyed having you on to share information with our guests.  You have a very interesting theory and will be glad to explore further with additional shows." - Annalee Leonard, Winning at Life with Annalee Leonard, WCOA 1370 AM, Pensacola, Florida

"An excellent guest on my afternoon radio program. He's clear, concise, upbeat and personable dealing with a most serious subject yet manages to keep it entertaining and most informative. I wish all my guests would come across as well as James did on the air. Being a full service AM radio station in a small, rural market, I am always looking for guests who will appeal to a broad audience. You certainly not only fit the bill but 'filled the bill.' You are as good or better than any of the so called 'experts' I see on CNN and FOX! 60 Minutes does not know what they are missing! Thanks again for a GREAT interview" - Jerry Puffer, Puffman Show, KSEN 1150 AM, Shelby, Montana

"Fabulous interview!" - Earl Ingram, Earl Show, WMCS 1290 AM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

"Your book could not be more relevant, and it presents an important set of facts that are being omitted from the current jobs debate"  - Matt Deel, Radio Active, WTZE 1470 AM, Bluefield, West Virginia

"An excellent resource for economic issues, which are of high priority for listeners in today's world.  He gets to the point, has high energy, and can answer a wide variety of questions with authority and knowledge.  We look forward to having him on WSBA often in the future"  - Jim Horn, York's Morning News, WSBA 910 AM, York, Pennsylvania

"A great guest!" - Norm Jones, The Norm Jones Show, WTCM AM 580, Traverse City, Michigan

"Several called in even after the interview was terminated.  Great book, great interview!" - Chief Jim Brown, Hot Talk, WHQT Hot 105, Hollywood, Florida

"We really appreciate your perspective.  It made us, and I'm sure our listeners, think" - Roy Hanschke, The Morning Drive Show, KPOF AM 910, Westminster, Colorado

"Both Mike Davis and I enjoyed having you on the program and opportunity to talk about both side of the issues.  My only regret is we didn't have enough time to cover more in the book. Good interview!  Keep up the good work!" - Jeff Anderson, The Other Side, KSDR 1480 AM, Watertown, South Dakota

"Jeff and I enjoyed having you on our show.  We appreciate your time as well as the valuable information you shared with us and our listeners" - Theresa Ebreo, News Anchor, Bakersfield's First Morning News, KERN Radio News Talk 1180, Bakersfield, California

"Sounded great this morning on the air with Bill and Joel.  Joel wants to have you back on to continue your discussion" -  Rebecca Cameron, Traffic Manager, Bill and Joel Morning Show, WDUN AM 550, Gainesville, Georgia

"Lot of calls and good information!" - Bill Cooksey, Producer, Tom and Todd Show, WRKO AM 680, Boston, Massachusetts