James B. Huntington, Ph.D.
CALC Reviews & Testimonials

“An inexpensive yet invaluable reference guide for any high school graduate planning their future.  From the very first page listing principles that point toward a long-term viable career (such as “Jobs doing extraction are bad”, “Jobs doing manufacturing, except food products, are bad” and “Jobs that seem to be maximized in efficiency already are good,” to the real story behind self-employment, to a realistic, in-depth analysis of the American job market’s future in plain terms, Choosing a Lasting Career is an invaluable aid for preparing oneself for economic survival.  An extensive amount of charts, graphs, and job-by-job quick reference tables enhances this superlative gift for prospective college students and anyone else preparing themselves to join today’s workforce!” – The Midwest Book Review

“A well-researched, fascinating look at jobs that will remain viable for the 20 years.  If you think being an accountant is a more stable long-term career choice than art director, you may be in for a surprise. People entering the workforce or considering changing jobs should take the conclusions presented in this book into account as they plan their careers.” – Susan Daffron, author of 14 books and president of Logical Expressions, Inc.

“It is about time someone paid attention to where we are going instead of where we are. In order to survive our society needs to be aware that the majority of jobs are no longer life time careers.” – Annalee Leonard, Investment Advisor Representative, author of It’s More Than Returns

“Dr. Huntington over-runs his headlights in the best manner. He thinks farther ahead–and deeper than most of us. Forget out-of-the-box; more like toss-away-the-box and take a fresh look at employment and your life.” – Doug Herendeen, Host, The 11th Hour, News/Talk 1240 WRTA, Altoona, PA